Facebook Message Scheduler

The only application that allows you to schedule private messages and auto responders on Facebook.


The user panel is intuitive and it works with any Facebook account and in any language. The application is compatible with any device and you need only a web browser to operate it.

Easy to use

You only need a few minutes to configure it and schedule your campaigns.It runs on auto-pilot 24x7, even when your computer is OFF.


You can create and use unlimited message lists and scheduled campaigns.
Completely free!

How it works

With Facebook Message Scheduler you can send multiple private messages to all your Facebook friends. It saves you a lot of time by sending pre-defined birthday messages or auto responders to people who invite you to like a page or to play games.

First, you will have to login with Facebook.
It is free!

Configure your main Facebook account details and synchronize your contacts.
Facebook Message Scheduler will automatically import all your Facebook friends.

Optional, if you want to schedule auto-responder campaigns, you need to set your notification RSS link.

Configure and prepare your message list.
You can use unlimited lists and messages.

Create your scheduled campaigns.You only have to select the campaign schedule, the message list to use and the Facebook friends that will receive the private messages.

Done! Facebook Mass Scheduler will work in background and it will send private messages to all selected friends whenever the campaigns are scheduled.

It runs in background and sends your private messages on auto-pilot 24x7, even when your computer is OFF.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Facebook Message Scheduler?

A: It is the only application that allows you to schedule private messages and auto responders on Facebook.

Q: How it works?

A: It uses your Facebook login details to get your friend lists and to send private messages.

Q: Is my Facebook info protected?

A: Yes, all your private info is encrypted in the database and your data is safe.Also, the application uses the secure Facebook gateway to communicate with the server and it is 100% safe.

Q: Will anybody notice that I am using an automatic system?

A: No. The system uses the secure Facebook gateway to login and send private messages. Basically, it simulates your login in Facebook but it is totally anonymous.

Q: Why should I use a system like this?

A: First of all, you can use it to send an important information in private messages to all your Facebook contacts. Also, you can inform them about an event, a promotion or even to invite them to your party. In this way, you will not have to manually contact each friend.
Also, you may want to send automatic messages when a friend has a birthday but you do not want to check this and send an individual message every day.
Finally, you can send auto responders and inform your friends (that invite you to like pages or play games) not to send this kind of invitations anymore.

Q: What kind of campaigns can I use with Facebook Message Scheduler?

A: There are two types of campaigns:
Mass message schedulers: this will allow you to send you pre-defined messages to your friends at a specific date.
Auto responder campaigns: you can set auto-responders for birthdays and the system will automatically send a private message every time a friend has a birthday.
It can also send automatic messages to your friends that invite you to join events, like pages or play games. In this way, you can simply ask them very polite not to send other invitations.

Q: Why do I need to set my RSS feed link in my account?

A: All birthdays, events and invitations can be found only in your RSS notifications link.This link is public and you can find it in your account.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The system is FREE to use. Anyway, for the free plan you are restricted to 50 messages per day. If you need to increase this limit, please contact us.